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  • Seiko 1020 35pl Print Head
Seiko 1020 35pl Print Head

Seiko 1020 35pl Print Head

  • Product description: Seiko 1020 35pl Print Head

Seiko 1020 35pl Print Head

The SII printtek SPT series is desighned for integration into a variety of printing applications.It features a fast firing frequency and high precision combined with a long useable life.


Japan Seiko InstrumentsPrint TechnologySPT-1020 / 35PLSeikoprintheads
Widely used inadvertising printing, UV printing,bar codelabel printingand other industries.


Nozzle number: 1020                          Nozzlestructure: Shared Wall
Print width: 71.9mm                            PhysicalAccuracy: 360dpi
Highest precision: 720dpi                   Droplet size: 34pL (picoliter)
IgnitionFrequency: 8.29khz                 Level: -50mm ~ -30mm
Suitable ink: Solvent / UV /Oily            inkjet speed:4m/s



You can use UVink,oil-based ink, solvent ink
2, therange of substrates:

You can print on a variety of substratessuch as paper, PRT, PEC, PE, PP, stickers,metal foil, etc.
3, A widerange of applications
Can behorizontal, verticaldirection ofprintingbarcodes, can be used forvariable information, text, numbers, symbols, and can printtwo-dimensional code, etc.

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