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T-shirt PrinterT-shirt Printer

T-shirt Printer

  • Feature: print two/four pcs same time
  • Print Head:DX5
  • Color:CMYK
  • Ink:Pigment ink
  • Product description: T202/T402 T-shirt Printer ,can print on any background, no mater white or black.

Fast Speed, Vivid Color, Print On Any Background.

It was made from original engine, so can print on dark garment with CMYK+WWWW to get a good white ink density. Fast printing speed by print on A4 size shirt printing machine with full color only need 64 seconds 2880dpi max. printing resolution can let you print on any textiles with best result and vivid color.

Easy Installation

More than an image output, it's your time to stand on your stage. T202/402 printer is designed to ensure quality results even at higher speeds:

Rigid industrial design ensures quality output with physical resolution 5760*2880dpi.

Adopt the advanced variable ink drop technology, min size 3.5pl and max size 27pl, speed 30% faster.

Quite affordable cost

Traditionally people use sublimation printing to custom print t-shirts. With this way, shortcomings are very obvious: only white shirts can be printed and hard hand feel. Now with T202/402, these problems can be very easily solved. It is able to custom print any color t-shirts with simple operation. And it has a very competitive price, everyone can afford it.


Stable performance

From years of sales experience, this printer has very stable print performance, get good feedback from customers all over the world.

Rich, Vibrant, Durable Color effect

High washing fitness:(3-4 degree)no fade, no hands feeling , excellent air permeability.

New, specially formulated, water based t-shirt ink produces amazingly brilliant colors. The inks also provide excellent washing durability and a wide spectrum of color. Not enough? Configurable to dual-CMYK or CMYK WWWW for finer details, smoother gradations and more neutral grays (made possible with Black ink).

Environmental ink: fully meet EU highest testing standards.

Personal customized industry

Based on the requirement of personalized T-shirt. Many clients want their favorite pictures direct to print on t-shirts, achieve perfect personal interest. And compared with those of traditional process heat transfer,T-shirt printer can print directly operation. Color respect more than ten times stronger than ordinary process, and the artificial cost and material cost declines 80% linearly.


T-shirt printer is also called universal flatbed printers or flatbed printers, which breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, to realize the true sense of a piece of printing, without plate making, a complete full color image, is the replacement of the traditional printing machine.


Printer Model



Printing method

Micro Piezo Technology

Head type

Two Epson head

Max print size

400*600mm (15.7''23.6'' )*2

400*600mm (15.7''23.6'' )*4

Printing thickness

150mm max.

Print resolution


Ink type

Water based ink for T-shirt direct printing

Ink Volume


Ink color


Ink system

Refillable ink systom

Print quality

True Photographic quality

Printing direction

Smart Bi-directional Printing Mode

Printing speed

720 dpi 25 seconds/A4 size

1440 dpi 50 seconds/A4 size

2880 dpi 110 seconds/A4 size

Operating system

Windows XP/ME/Vista/Win7


Double USB port


English, Chinese

Height adjustment

Automatic with sensor

Driving power

220 V 50-60HZ

Power consumption

36 W/ Hour

Ink consumption

10 ML/SQM.

Working environment

Temperature 10-35Celsius Humidity 20-80RH


Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator

Media feeding system


Packing & Delivery:

Gross weight




To be packed with Timber with fumigation certificate

Packing Size




One set per order


10 working days after receiving the deposit

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