Large-Format Solvent Printers

  • Large-Format Solvent Printers
Large-Format Solvent Printers

Large-Format Solvent Printers

  • Print Head:Spectra/Konica/Ricoh
  • Print Width:3. 2 meter
  • Color:CMYK (LC LM)
  • Print Head Number:4/6/8
  • Product description: Large-Format Solvent Printers ZY-3200 with 3.2m print width, different print head type optional.

Easily Operated, Auto Cleaning Function & Height Adjustment

To meet the demand of large format solvent media and industrial use, ZY has developed this this Polaris series solvent printer which has 3.2m and 5.0m in width.And also the printing stable performance goes up to a new level.

The ZY-3200/5000 is the perfect high-performance production tool for creating colorful decals, labels, banners, posters, vehicle and floor graphics, apparel decoration and just about any sign imaginable.

What It Can Print ?

Multi-Function And Perfect Industrial Design

The ZY-3200/5000 printer is the industry’s most versatile entry-level wide format color printer, combining CMYK 4 colors print, it offers print speeds can up to 240 m²/h. Other advanced features include automated maintenance, superior media handling.

Equiped with Polaris 512 35pl Print head with good quality;

Temperature control system offer easy & convenient operation;

The double direction & step can be adjusted during printing process without stop;

Equipped with individual ink purge & cleaning function,3 direction valve ensure easy operation & comparatively less ink consumption;

Imported linear rail guider gurantee the precise running of printer;

Fans and infrared heater to make printing production dry sooner than before and more safety operation;

Feeding material system, roll to roll feeding system is suitable for flex banner, pvc vinyl, one way vision and other heavy or light roll material. Different material type have different feeding system;


Printer Model



Print Technology

Drop on demand Piezo Head (Polaris 512 35pl)

Head type

4 heads (Polaris 512 35pl) / 8 heads(Polaris 512 35pl)

Height of print head

1 mm - 10 mm above media, adjustable

Print width

3.2 m width

5.0 m width

Printing resolution

1440dpi Max

Ink Type

Special ink for Konica 1024

Ink color


Ink Supply Method

Negative pressure ink supply system, main ink case 1 liter/color

media handle

roll to roll

Printing interface

USB 2.0

Printing direction

Smart Bi-directional Printing Mode

Printing speed

2 pass 120 m²/h

2 pass 220 m²/h

3 pass 80 m²/h

3 pass 150 m²/h

4 pass 50 m²/h

4 pass 110 m²/h


English, Chinese

Printable material

PVC Vinyl, Flex banner, Carpet Paper, PVC Mesh Fabric, Perforated Vinyl, Cloth Banner, etc.

Power supplier

50HZ/60HZ, 220V(±10%)>15A

Locating Mode

Servo Driver / Servo Motor

Media feeding & take-up system

Infra Red Optical Controlling System for Media Feeding & Take-up

Dry system

Pre/Post and Middle heater controlled by PID


Fuji or Panasonic AC Servo Motor

Linear Rail


Print head maintenance facility

Protection trays for auto purge, daily maintenance and print heads over night

Auto-cleaning system for print head

Double functional cleaning System of Pressure purge and Vacuum Suction

Normal working environment

Temperature 10-35 Celsius; Humidity 20-80RH

File Format


Operational software

Maintop software, Photoprint software for Windows 98 and Windows XP Etc.

Filtration Facility

PALL filter + Regular ink filter

Operation Environment

Temperature: 23℃~29℃; Humidity: 50%~80%

Packing & Delivery:

Gross weight

700 KG



To be packed with Timber with fumigation certificate

Packing Size

4.95 m x 1.14 m x 1.65 m

7.25 m x 1.44 m x 1.75 m


One set per order


7 working days after receiving the deposit

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