• Vinyl Printer Graphics
Vinyl Printer Graphics

Vinyl Printer Graphics

For almost four decades, ZY has led the sign and graphics industry as the foremost provider of vinyl printers and integrated vinyl printer. Through continuous innovation, ZY users have been able to grow and diversify their businesses with greater machine versatility and more application options.

Vehicle Wrapping and Automotive Graphics

Top wrap professionals, from NASCAR race shops to local wrap shops, choose ZY printers for premium vehicle wrap production. Whether you need full car wraps, partial wraps or you just want a vinyl printer for car stickers and decals, ZY offer unrivalled color, image quality and long-lasting outdoor ink durability. ZY have been used to create some of the most eye-catching and memorable graphics for motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses and boats.

Walls, Windows and Signage

Decorate a shop window, wrap an entire wall, or create a giant banner graphic with a ZY vinyl printer to transform typical graphics into brilliant works of art. ZY gives you more artistic choices by providing printer options that include Metallic and White inks to give your wall, window and sign graphics an added touch of drama and elegance.

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