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Industrial Signage and Printing for Your Needs

From simple indoor safety signs to large-format outdoor signage, ZY has the perfect industrial signage printing machine for your needs. ZY is one seller of wide format inkjets for the durable graphics market, leading the sign and graphics industry in products and innovation for more than 10 years. Whether you need a machine for vinyl wrap applications, window signs, engraved signs, or full-color POP’s, ZY provides versatile, reliable, and cost-effective devices to take your signage printing and production to the next level.

Banners, POP's and Temporary Signage

Create large format banners, POP’s, tradeshow signs and other soft signage with a selection of dye-sublimation printers and award winning inkjet printers and inkjet printer. With ZY technology, users can produce signs and banners with vibrant and consistent colors, smooth gradations and razor-sharp details.

Wooden and Metal Sign Options

Print directly onto pre-manufactured and manufactured wooden materials and signs with the UV2818 and UV hybrid flatbed printers. ZY also offers dye-sublimation printers for heat transfer onto ChromaLuxe metal and inkjet printers and inkjet printer for creating full-color graphics for applying onto wood and metal.

Unique Signage with Special Ink Effects

ZY UV2818 and UV hybrid flatbed printers can simulate embossing and 3D textures with clear UV ink – giving wood, acrylic, and other materials a unique and fashionable look. For sensational metallic ink effects, a selection of ZY’s large format inkjet printers offer hundreds of pearlescent and metallic hues.

Backlit Signage

With the eco-solvent and other large format inkjet printers from ZY, users can print stunning images onto film for backlit signs and displays. With exceptional image quality backlits stand out and give a vibrant, high-end look to store signs, tradeshow graphics, POP’s and more.

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