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Fine Art and Fabric Printing Solutions

ZY revolutionized the fine art reproduction market with the inkjet technology with pigment ink in 2008. Since then, artists and creative professionals have counted on ZY to supply them with the most advanced and affordable fine art and fabric printing solutions. Not only do ZY’s inkjet, dye-sublimation and UV printing machines produce outstanding color and image quality, but they also offer reliability and security with technology that is built to last and made for consistently brilliant results.

Art Photography

ZY inkjets give photographers and designers optimum results when transferring images onto an extensive range of canvas, paper and other printable media. ZY machines boast advanced print head and eco-solvent ink technologies that ensure a razor-sharp print output that does justice to your complex photography. ZY’s inkjet choices include the eco-solvent that produces photorealistic imagery at 1440 dpi resolution and other large format devices that feature multiple ink configurations for smooth gradations and detailed color results.

Direct Printing onto Wood, Canvas and More

With the UV2818 and other ZY flatbed technology, users can print directly onto pre-manufactured canvasses, wooden signs and other flat materials, as well as printing onto sculptural items and hundreds more three-dimensional objects. When it comes to adding your art and designs to smart phone covers, giftware, electronics, and popular products, there’s no better technology to start your own art customization business.

Fabric Printing

ZY’s dye-sublimation technology produces heat transfer prints for fabric, fashion items, home décor and more. ZY’s S1800 device allow users to produce simply brilliant patterns, artwork and images for transference onto a wide-range of polyester fabrics. ZY’s dye-sublimation inks and devices produce dense, rich colors, making them well suited for a range of décor applications.

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