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What are the difference between eco-solvent printer and solvent printer

Eco-solvent printer and solvent printer all belong to large inkjet printer. Inkjet printer can be divided into two kinds of solid inkjet and liquid inkjet according to the principle of operation, Today's mainstream inkjet printer is liquid inkjet printer,which can be divided into bubble type and piezoelectric type. Bubble technique is by heating the nozzle, so that the ink bubbles, sprayed on the print media. the ink changes easily at high temperature and the properties are unstable, so the authenticity of the colors will be affected to some extent; on the other hand, because the ink is ejected through the bubble, the direction and size of the ink particles are not good, the edge of the printed line is easy to uneven, and the printing quality is affected.

Piezoelectric ink jet technology, which is produced by a nozzle similar to thermal sensitive inkjet technology, is formed by narrowing the area ejected by ink. The reduction of the ejected region is controlled by applying voltage to one or more piezoelectric plates in the ejected region. Because of the characteristics of the discharge under the pressure of the crystal, the micro piezoelectric printhead technology can stably eject the ink at normal temperature. It has the characteristics of droplet control ability, high precision and easy realization of 1440dpi print quality, and the micro piezoelectric ink jet without heating, the ink will not change due to heat and chemical, thus greatly reduces the requirements of ink.

Eco-solvent printers and solvent printers are used for advertising printing, but there are differences in some places.

1, printer format: solvent printer usually 3.2 meters to 5.0 meters; eco-solvent printer format is small, usually 1.60 meter.

2, the working environment is different: Solvent printer is mainly used in large-scale outdoor wall advertising and outdoor signs, The advantage is that weather resistance is strong, that is, waterproof and anti sunlight, placed outdoors for a long time will not fade, color not change. The disadvantage is poor printing quality; eco-solvent printing machine is mainly for indoor stickers, display boards, and other indoor inkjet products, printing quality is relatively high.

3, ink: because the printed media are placed in different environments, both type printers are different. solvent ink, has a strong irritating odor, waterproof light, long time placed without discoloration. While eco-solvent ink is not heavy smell, but weather resistance is poor, the price is slightly higher.

4, medium output: solvent printer output medium is usually flex banner, coated flex. Eco-solvent printer medium mainly are photo paper, adhesive PP paper, canvas, etc..

5, resolution:solvent printing media for hanging at high place, resolution is not top. Eco-solvent printing media need to put indoor, for close looking , need to have high resolution, high quality.


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