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Three kinds of print head troubles and solutions

With the maturity of eco-solvent printer technology and the decline of price, more and more companies and individuals have purchased eco-solvent printers. After using a period of time, the printer will have a variety of faults, the specific common faults are: print head nozzle block, print character dislocation, print head crash. The following are analysis of three types of failures, and propose solutions.

How to deal with the blockage of the print head nozzle?

The print head nozzle clogging is the most common faults of the eco-solvent printer, mainly with horizontal stripes in the printing surface, some color does not print it seriously, especially in the print image file. There are many reasons for the nozzle clogging: such as the quality of printer ink, the working environment of printer, the idle time of printer and so on.

To avoid nozzle clogging, it is best to use the ink specified by printer manufacturers, in the replacement of the cartridge, as far as possible to shorten the time to change the cartridge. Don't let the printer work in heavy dust environment, avoid long time idle, even without the using the printer need to operate it every three or five days, because does not use the printer for long time, will make the residual ink in the nozzle to dry and plug the print head, which is more easily in the summer.

If your print head still blocked, you can clean the print head according to the method described in the manual attached to the printer, specific methods of cleaning the print head is different according to the printer manufacturers. If after a few times cleaning the print head still blocked, can temporarily turn off the printer, second days starting cleaning again, if the print quality has not improved, means the ink cartridge in the printer has expired or has been damaged, can solve the problem by replacing the cartridge.

Print character dislocation

The reason for this is that the print head misalignment occurred during the transport or removal of the printer, Or is the print head crash in using may also lead to a print character dislocation.

The solution is to use the printer with calibration procedures to align the print head, if you don't have calibration procedures, can set the printer to print for single-direction to solve the problem, but it will affect the printing speed.

Handling of print head crashes

There are several reasons for this:

1. the print head control circuit is out of order.

2. the mechanical parts of the print head are damaged.

3. the print head is too large resistance at work. Myself In the process of using printers for a long time, the possibility of the first two cases is very small. Most print head crashes are caused by third kinds of situations. Because the printer is in use, lubricating oil of guide which control the print head moving with the dust of air form grease, Long term accumulation will make the print head moving more and more resistance, when it to a certain level, it will cause a print head crash.

For this reason, the crash of the print head is well resolved, You can find some absorbent cotton and some high purity sewing machine oil. with cotton wipe the grease on the guide rail. Then dip some cotton oil on the absorbent cotton, and wipe the two rails evenly and repeatedly (Note: sewing machine oil should not be too much, so as to avoid falling oil on the printing surface, affecting the printing quality). Until the invisible of black grease. Before the print head crash, the printer working noise will be significantly increased, in order to prevent the print head crash, this method can be used in every 2 to 3 months, make your printer working in good condition.


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