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The difference between eco-solvent printer and solvent printer

There are a lot of people don't understand the difference between the eco-solvent printer and solvent printer, more people think they are collectively referred to as digital printing machine. so what exactly is a eco-solvent printing machine?

a simple description here. eco-solvent printer is a continuous large format inkjet printer. most of the width is 1.5 meters, a machine for high precision advertising indoors. We all know that the printer, from the application is divided into indoor and outdoor two kinds. outdoor inkjet printer is mainly used in large outdoor wall advertising and signboards, its advantage is strong weather resistance, that is, waterproof and anti sunlight, placed outdoors for a long time color will not fade, color not change. its disadvantage is that the accuracy and the color of image compared to some indoor machine is poor. and the indoor inkjet printer is what we often say "eco-solvent printer", mainly used to make indoor posters, display boards, posters,etc. Also, it can replace a A0 format color plotter. the advantages are: the color bright , saturation, high precision, especially suitable for shopping malls and other places of indoor advertising.

In the impression of clients. Eco--solvent printer is expensive, hundreds of thousands of times. investment risk produced by the expensive cost make so many friends what want to engage in this industry prohibited. now, domestic machine prices have come down, and the performance has been stable. Is currently on the market the highest price of digital printing equipment. And become the first choice for many friends engaged in advertising! In addition, the portrait machine print head, ink, accessories and other with low prices and versatility.


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