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Something you should know about 5113 print head

1,Parameter analysis

The number of nozzles is twice as large as before, 5113 print heads: 4 lines*800 nozzles=3200 nozzles, the smallest nozzles is 1.5PL. This making the color of the print image more uniform; the width of the nozzle is 30% wider than DX5, making the inkjet color gamut increased, the ink printing can be smoother ; and has doubled printing speed, improved accuracy;

2,how is it

the original feature of 5113 print head is only use water-based ink; drawback is that can not use solvent ink and UV ink, the printing time is generally about four hours, then need to spray ink once to ensure that the nozzle inside is smooth, the use time is about four months;

3,Foreground analysis

Only through the transformation of its back cover and ink damper to make it more quickly adapt to the development of industrialization, then can make it in the textile and digital printing industry to go further.

4,Maintenance analysis

(1) do not use a cloth to wipe the nozzle, can not use bad quality scraping the nozzle, do not touch the nozzle.

(2) disassemble nozzle for cleaning should be shut down machine first.

(3) after printing complete, to put the nozzle isolate air, the dust easy to plug the nozzle, the number of cleaning nozzles should not be too frequent.

(4) in particular, donot excessive soak nozzle.


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