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Several dangerous operations when using UV flatbed printer

UV printer is the core equipment of each printing enterprise, The correct use and maintenance of UV flatbed printer not only ensures the normal high efficiency production of the enterprise, but also prolongs the service life time of the UV printer, Can significantly reduce corporate spending and costs. However, if with some incorrect operation, it will greatly reduce the life time of the printer. Also seriously affect the normal operation of enterprises. How should we use and maintain the printer properly?

Here are some of the common behaviors that harm printers:

1.brute force adjustment print head.

Do not use outside force to adjust nozzle position without regulation. Do not use brute force, whether changing or lightly adjusting nozzles. Please follow the instructions carefully.

2.ignore the work ground line.

UV flatbed printer is affected by static electricity very much. It is necessary to check the connection of ground line regularly and sprinkle a little salt water around the ground.

3. random switching circuit.

Install and remove the UV flatbed printer circuit, without turning off the power.This behavior can damage the life of each system, endanger the nozzle.

4, cleaning without turn off the power.

Pay attention to protecting the circuit board and other internal systems, and turn off the power when cleaning, and be careful not to touch the circuit board and other internal systems.

5, Use no inspection cleaning liquid.

Clean the nozzle with an unclean liquid solution. Print head nozzle are very susceptible to contamination and wear, So please use the manufacturer specified product and quality inspection clearance product to clean nozzle.

6, High pressure cleaning nozzle.

If the nozzle is slightly blocked, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to wash out the dust, and then fine cleaning, do not use high pressure to clean the nozzle.

7,Soak the nozzle for cleaning.

Although the to put the nozzle into cleaning solution for a long time can be more effective and clear stains, but the cleaning fluid has a certain corrosive, if the time more than 48 hours, the nozzle itself will be affected.Therefore, generally only take the appropriate time for cleaning the print head.

8. Ultrasonic cleaning nozzle.

Do not long time using ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning nozzle.

In fact, if you usually pay attention to the maintenance of the nozzle, then no need for ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasound can cause undesirable effects on the nozzle.But if the blockage is serious, need to use ultrasonic cleaning, then only cleaning time up to 3 minutes.If there is no cleaning at all, please wait for the nozzle to cool naturally to the normal state during the second cleaning.

9. Mix the ink at will.

Do not arbitrarily raise different batches of ink, or use the bad quality ink, cleaning fluid. Two different configurations of ink mixing will change the ink color and quality, and will affect the printing effect and plug the nozzle.


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