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Reasons and Solutions of Color Change in Printer Cleaning

In the printing process once stopped to clean the nozzle,after continue to print there will be a wide color lighter.This is especially true when print solid color (two colors).any equipment with nozzle line up and down should be more or less encountered.

So what is the reason for this? First of all, we analyze the structure of the device, and it's obvious that most of this happens on devices with four colors arranged up and down and relatively few ink jet.Ink is a volatile liquid,if the ink dries faster,and cleaning time is too long, also some of the inkjet parts have very strong penetration,The ink first printed is dry,post spray ink is hard to fuse with.In this case, discoloration is natural.

The reason is found, what method do we use to solve it? The usual method is check the nozzle status before printing any image,try to avoid the inkjet process cleaning nozzle;And if you need to clean the nozzle in the printing process, try to be as fast as possible, Or several nozzles separate cleaning, to avoid chromatic aberration.But in the actual operation process or can not avoid some of the color difference and discoloration phenomenon.another way to do this is to keep indoor humidity higher.

I mentioned something earlier,when the ink dries faster, the phenomenon will occur for too long.and for this problem, ink manufacturers can be completely resolved,that is, to slow down the ink evaporation rate is the longer drying time of ink.but the experience tells us that if the drying speed is slow, there will be sticky painting and mosaic when the ink layer this case, can add ingredient to ink which can higher the adhesion,but the cost of ink production will rise as a result.

In short, inkjet companies always want to use cheap and easy using ink,and as ink manufacturers also try their best to improve the quality of their products at the same time try to reduce their own costs;It can be said that as long as there is competition, this contradiction will exist, and this is just to promote the development of the industry.


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