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Reason and harm of static electricity for UV printer

Causes of UV printer static electricity:

1, the internal design of the equipment, involving the circuit part, should be protected, insulation device, to avoid printing platform and head static electricity.

2, weather factors, especially the southern climate is more humid, encounter thunderstorms, air ions are more, the equipment itself is metal material, easy to cause static electricity;

Electrostatic hazards:

1, lead to the intersection of the circuit, seriously will bring short-circuit, resulting in the burning of the board, UV printer nozzle clogging.

2, more serious influence on the print image accuracy will affect the normal ink jet, resulting in the image not clear, intermittent lines.

How to eliminate static electricity for UV flatbed printer:

1, in the thunderstorm weather, do not open the doors and windows.

2, install the corresponding power wire, will guide electricity to earth.

3, on the surface of some substrate, wiping with non-woven alcohol, can eliminate static electricity.

4, equipment selection of socket box circuit, voltage set according to the manufacturer specified requirements, not random collocation.


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