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How to maintain a eco-solvent printer in a humid environment?

The last few days have been rainy and humid, printing equipment will also be affected, I believe that many printers users have the same trouble, here to provide you with some ways to better maintain the eco-solvent printer.

The moist air will affect the performance of printer and consumables,

The most obvious manifestation is printed material surface is wet, adhesion decreased,

Therefore, we should do a good job in the wet weather to maintain the printing machine. For the use of printer under wet weather, to share the following items:

1, should pay attention to the printer working environment, close the door and windows in night, keep the outside moisture from room.

2, the printer shell should be sealed, keep the moisture from electric parts, such as electric boards , cables.

3, printing material should keep well, print medium easy to absorb moisture, wet material will cause ink disperse, there for , every time after use, the material should put back in the package, Try not to touch the ground and the wall.

4, due to the wet weather, ink drying slow, need to wait long time, users are advised to open printer heating function or related drying equipment, it can speed up the drying image.

Especially when users need to laminate the film, Need to wait for completely dry before coating.If the film is covered immediately, the ink will blur, clients can use drying equipment to dry the certain part of material.

5, it is recommended to use air exhauster or air conditioning dehumidification mode in the working environment of the printing machine. If the moisture is too heavy, some moisture absorbent or desiccant can be placed in the room;

In the wet weather, the above suggestion are not only helpful to improve the work efficiency, but also to prolong the service life of the printer and improve the printing quality.


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