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How to extend the UV print head life time?

Every one knows that most important and fragile part of UV printer is the print head. But , during the using of printer, how to make the print head working for longer time ? you need to read the following.

1,quality of ink not good will make the print head always block. Some clients thought the ink cost too high, changed some cheap ink, which have big ink molecular that will block the head first , the ink filter may work good to removed the big molecular, but with bad quality ink , soon the filter will not working, then the print head will get blocked.

2, temperature changing. the UV printer need to have a stable environment, every company will set a special condition for UV printer, the temperature and humidity effect much on the UV machine. Because the stability of the ink determines the use of the UV flatbed printer nozzle, and the stability of the ink is determined by the ink viscosity, surface tension, volatility, liquidity and other factors, and direct impact on these indicators is not entirely determined by production process.The temperature and humidity of the storage and environment play a important role in the ink using.temperature too high or too low will make the viscosity of the ink drop or rise a lot, thus breaking the ink of the original state.thus the printing will show lines, or image scattered.

On the other hand, if the ambient humidity is too low and the temperature is relatively high will lead to increased volatility of ink, ink easily dry on the nozzle surface to form a cured material, affecting the normal operation of the print head.If the humidity is too high, the ink may accumulate around the nozzle ,that will also affect the print head work, and printed ink is not easy to dry.So always need to pay attention to the changing of temperature and humidity.

3,Ink viscosity is too high will cause the ink to stick in the ink tube, the result is not sufficient ink supply, ink printing volume is not enough, color fault. Especially in the winter, the temperature is low, this phenomenon is more prominent. Solution: to improve the indoor temperature (such as air conditioning, with a dryer, electric heaters, etc.). Or use a lower viscosity ink.

4,The effect of the voltage of the UV flat printer on the nozzle.Because the level of the print head voltage can determine the level of the internal pressure of the piezoelectric ceramic bending, and thus high voltage can increase the amount of ink-printing. Without affecting the quality of the picture ,the voltage is the lower the better.Practice has proved that higher than 32V voltage may cause the nozzle to produce ink break phenomenon, so that print head life reduced.If it is in a high-frequency oscillation state, the nozzle inside the piezoelectric crystal is extremely easy to fatigue and cause damage,And too low print head voltage will affect  the image saturation .So the print head working voltage between 28V-32V is more appropriate.

5,After all the print jobs are completed every day, in order to keep the print head in the best working condition and to avoid clogging the nozzles due to the evaporation of the ink, please follow the method.

First use a special cleaning solution to clean the moisturizing sponge, and then pour the solution on the sponge to soak it.Move the head back to the rightmost cleaning station and tighten the nozzle with the moisturizing sponge.Keep this state for the night.


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