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How do we distinguish a EPSON 5113 print head is coded ?

When the EPSON 5113 print head first time on the market. It is not coded. But at present, the coded EPSON 5113 has been sold on the market, so how do we distinguish a EPSON 5113 nozzle is coded or not?

There are two ways to distinguish:

one: from the two-dimensional code below the letter can be distinguished, the letters are G, GH, H, is not coded print head, two-dimensional code under the letter is GHR is for coded.

two: if it can not be distinguished from the appearance, only open the print head cover , from the circuit board to distinguish.

Please take a look at this picture below , on the left, this is the EPSON 5113 print head un-coded, and on the right it is just a coded head.

Notice that the right nozzle is digitally labeled, and the coded print head are different from the previously un-coded nozzles at 1, 2, 3, 4 of the four positions.


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