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How To Determine UV Ink Completely Dried ?

The durability of UV curing ink is very strong, so the after process is not required, such as coating, polishing oil etc. This not only solves the bottleneck problem in the process, but also reduces the material cost and shortens the printing time.

UV curable inks can stay on the surface of the material without being absorbed. Therefore, color quality between the different materials are more stable and similar, thereby saving a certain set time for users, reducing mistakes of frequent settings and increasing work efficiency.

UV flatbed printer avoids many setting work and after printing requirements which can not be canceled before.

It has made a great contribution to the emission reduction of enterprises. Reduce environmental pollution charges, and expand the space for profit.

UV ink refers to UV irradiation, the use of different wavelengths and energy ultraviolet light, so that the ink monomer synthesize polymers, ink dry.

As one type ink, UV inks must have bright colors (except for exceptional conditions), good printability, and suitable curing and drying rates. At the same time good adhesion, and wear, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and other characteristics.

How to determine UV ink completely cured by UV lights, there are 4 ways.

1,Pencil hardness test:

Tested by a pencil hardness tester and, if required (usually 3-4h), the ink has been completely cured. If not, consider the timing of the curing, the power of the UV lamp, and the speed of the UV belt conveyor.

2,drop solvent test:

According to the solvent function, the propionic acid solution drops on the surface 2min, and if the change is confirmed, the ink has not been dried by the UV lamp.  ink is completely solidified, The internal molecular structure changes, and then the ink forms a solid coating.

3, pressure maintenance:

With the bottom flat surface about 500g weight, put a small amount of cotton fiber on the product surface, the weight of cotton fiber in a few minutes, then remove it, if the cotton silk fiber will not stick to it, you can confirm the ink completely cured.

4,surface appearance:

The surface of the fully solidified UV ink is very bright and will not appear on the surface of the ink. The edge has no shadow and the whole effect is perfect.

UV ink is an economical and high efficient ink, which has covered all fields of printing. But because of the higher price then solvent base ink, it is more widely used in high grade printing.


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