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High quality ink is the soul of ink jet printing equipment

The wide application of high performance piezoelectric printer has opened up new business opportunities for us, the printer has good compatibility with ink and printing medium, diversity of print materials. It has a wider range of applications to meet the needs of various industries, a variety of materials color printing and a variety of needs. Ink is the performance of color, high quality and high fluency ink to make the printing better quality, It can be said that ink is the soul of ink jet printing equipment.

Because if the printer has no ink, it's just a machine, worthless, Ink is one of the important and necessary printing consumables for machine. So, choosing high quality ink is also a very important part for inkjet printing. The quality and stability of high quality ink will also directly affect the performance of inkjet printer. The nozzle is the most important and expensive part. If the quality of the ink leads to frequent plugging and ink-broken , it should be stopped immediately, so as not to damage the print head.

In our daily inkjet printing applications, there are a variety of ink, such as water base ink, outdoor eco solvent, environmental protection UV ink, etc. Although print heads have very good compatibility with ink, different types of ink are suitable for different inkjet printing media. However, users should pay attention to select high-quality original ink when choosing the printing machine and ink.

Different print head must be equipped with appropriate ink, otherwise it may destroy the print head structure, affect the printing image, effect and cause damage to the nozzle. and will inevitably bring a variety of color problem,such as ink uneven concentration, spray out of the image, color difference, easy to block the print head.

We mainly introduce the use and selection requirements of outdoor ink, In order to achieve good outdoor weather resistance, water resistance, light resistance, acid and alkali resistance, non fading and other requirements, outdoor ink can only be used with pigment ink (usually called solvent ink, or eco solvent ink). The ink is mixed with pigment particles, solvents, dispersants, stabilizers, anti UV agents and other raw materials.

Since the mixing is physical and not chemical, no matter how unique the formula is, no matter how advanced the production process is, it can't keep the physical mixture stable for a long time, after a certain period of time, this mixture will produce separation, resulting in ink layering and precipitation. and once the ink was produced, the layering and precipitation began to develop, but it was not so serious that it could not be used. the difference between manufacturers of ink only lies in the length of storage time, the quality of the ink can be placed for a long time and quality assurance.

The quality of the ink determines the quality of the printed image, and also determines the service life of the nozzle, at present, the manufacture of ink for printer is very complicated, whether it is original ink or compatible ink. The correct selection of ink and proper maintenance of nozzle are the key points that each printer user that can not ignore.


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