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Disadvantages of UV flatbed printer

UV flatbed printer has many advantages, such as printing a variety of materials, the use of flexible, but no equipment is perfect, UV printer also has shortcomings, here we list some:

1, can only print flat surface, it is difficult to print more than 10cm thick material, UV flatbed printer is non-contact printing, the object is on the platform surface for printing. printed material must be flat, if it is circular or curvature can not printed on. simply improve the print height, will make the car moving unstable, affecting the printing quality.

2, compared to silk screen and printing, the print speed is slower.Due to the impact of drying by printing, the speed is limited. If the speed is too fast, the curing effect is not very good. But printed image is high precision, good quality.

3, ink is more expensive, because of its quick-drying advantage, and can print 3d relief effect. Consumables are more expensive than ordinary solvent-based inks and water-based inks.

4, the higher maintenance requirements of the machine, you need to do a good maintenance of the nozzle in order to extend the service life.

5, when print smooth surface material, such as glass, metal, tiles. Need another process: the varnish,to protect the surface color of the material.

6, because most of the UV printing speed is slow, not suitable for mass production, mainly for small batch, personalized print.

Although UV printer has some shortcomings, but can not cover its own advantages.So in general UV flatbed printer suitable for personalization, custom printing, suitable for high-end market.


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