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Development of UV flatbed printers in China in 2016

The original design and manufacturing purpose of UV flatbed printer is to use inkjet equipment to print rigid materials, it breaks through the inkjet print only work in soft materials limited, it's an important turning point in the history of ink jet printing, marked the birth of inkjet technology into the field of multiple times.

flatbed printers have many years of history in foreign countries, it can not be seen as an addition to the existing wide format image market, but more inexpensive alternative for screen printing market in the short term. For large image short-term application, the traditional printing needs very high cost, and flatbed printers are much more economical. In addition, at least 30% of the flatbed printers are not used in the traditional image field, but other unique personalized applications,

For example, a company to purchase three UV flatbed printers, only printing toilet cover for customer. UV flatbed printer uses the latest LED technology, power is only 80W, power saving and environmental protection, without preheating, no heat radiation, printing material is not deformed, LED lamp life is long, waterproof and UV protection, low maintenance cost.


1, POP display board, POP board is one of the most widely used wide format images, that is, digital printing, but also screen printing, accounting for 42% of the total image market. using UV ink printed directly on the hard plate, such as: KT board, acrylic board, organic glass plate, reduce coating, fade, foaming and save a lot of trouble, artificial.

2, hard label, hard label is very like POP, but also the beneficiaries of flatbed printers, using UV ink can directly print to the material label, such as metals, wood, plastics, etc.. compared with the traditional method: printing in the film material with the adhesive and then paste up, not only reduces the process, reduce the cost, and increase the firm degree.

3, cardboard or corrugated packaging flatbed printer, another very definite target application field is packaging, an expected global market will be more than 80 billion dollars of the big industry. Packaging companies mainly using aniline printing, screen printing and stencil printing, also can purchase flat printers for proofing and direct output for small volume customization customers.

4, professional market (special products and decorative market) the last application field is the professional market, or personalized market. Toilet covers are part of this, and other potential opportunities include glass, ceramics, wood, and even furniture.

Generally speaking: first of all, we should aim at the low efficiency and productivity of manual or semi automatic screen printing market, personalized production of flatbed printers is suitable for small batch production in the traditional way, and the cost is very high, especially in the presence of a very high cost of raw materials inventory.


1, the focus of the use of the latest technology reflector, so that the reflected UV ray energy concentration, high efficiency of light curing, it is beneficial to the ink curing of thick ink layer, which can make the ink deep solidified completely, quickly dry, avoid dust pollution in the air, and affect the printing quality.

2, best choose the mirror aluminum oxidation, the reflectivity of UV cold light source can reach above ninety percent, greatly improve the utilization rate of ultraviolet ray, reduce energy consumption; unlike some of the small manufacturers, the use of steel set iron to deceive customers, short of using life, and poor reflection efficiency, cause ink not dry, solidification.

3, because the wavelength of the different curing ink under ultraviolet light is not the same, so need to match the special UV lamp. How to ensure the lamp rated full power output has become a priority among priorities, in the selection of the transformer, import EU transformer, long service life and stable, is 3 times longer than ordinary transformer.

4, the design idea of the size and shape of the lampshade.

Lamp light emitted at different power is not the same, not simply put light on the printing material, which involves the use of ultraviolet radiation and conversion rates, the perfect shape of the golden ratio, Can make the ultraviolet ray loss rate reduce to less than 10%, and the corresponding utilization rate and conversion rate reach 90%, which ensures the synchronization of ultraviolet frequency and the stability and permanence of the ink, it is deep, inside more than ninety-five percent drying.

UV ink, as countries pay attention to environmental protection, environmental protection equipment and ancillary media will have more stringent market norms. It is worth mentioning the UV ink benefits, its characteristic is: the stability of the printing, bright color, high curing strength, curing low energy, environmental protection and no smell. The wide application prospect of UV ink provide more development opportunities for customers. Nowadays, there are thousands of flatbed printers installed and used in the world, and it is obvious that flatbed printers have a quantifiable and growing market.


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