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China have many printing factories, here we listed some with long history. 



Skyair-ship: this enterprise stand is pretty long, can also be regarded as one of the earliest enterprise in the printing industry, has also been producing printers more then 10 years, mainly use Konica print heads(512 and 1024). But in recent years it seems not have news, basically give up the domestic market, the reason is probably not apply Ricoh print head, not kept pace with the market trend, most exhibitions also showed that machine with double sides printing. 


Liaoning Zhongye technology: history is relatively long, mainly manufacture solvent printers, /UV printers. Dye sublimation /t-shirt printers also produce. print head mainly is Epson DX5, also have Spectra/konica/Ricoh. domestic market share is relatively low, mainly focus on foreign markets, especially in the United States, much better. 



LiYu and Wanlida, both companies considered as second line, Wanlida was producing the Epson modification printer (multi-function machine), recently also produce G5 print head UV printer.Liyu used to produce Konica head machine, now become produce G5 head printer, also manufacture solvent printer and engraver. 


Another important place is Shanghai, this is where many factories located.Allwin, Docan, infiniti, Techwin ,so on. 

Docan and Techwin in the printing industry for years, Docan mainly produce flatbed printer with Konica print heads, later with Ricoh G5, recently have kyocera print head on the UV flatbed printer. 



mainly concentrated in the Guangdong region, and then gathered in Shenzhen city, the recently Guangzhou seems to have factories manufacture UV flatbed printer, and this place exist many factories ,large and small,even know the name of the dozens,

the first-line brand hve two: Flora god and Handtop, Flora is more then ten years history. Have many kinds of printing machine. early use Konica print head, and now the mainly is Ricoh and Konica 1024I, basically have layout all sectors of the products , textile machines, UV printers, inkjet machines, ceramics printer and so on, 

Handtop,  heard that the founding team from the Flora, at first suffer strong suppression from Flora, basically no business domestic, can only survive abroad, recently back to China market, mainly use Ricoh and kyocera print head. 


Second line brand have :Longke, Yueda, so on. They are all first produce Epson modified machine, these kind of company with strong sales team, also can sell many machines, but the machine itself not satisfy the clients. 


In china , every year have many new factories come into printing business, the technology are similar, prices are different, it is hard to tell which brand is good choice. but for clients the one with good after service is what matters. 


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