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Application of UV flatbed printer

1.Advertising industry. Home and outside advertising production, signs, advertising paintings, display boards, acrylic lamp boxes, PVC lamp boxes, high-end business cards and so on.

big advertising , such as :large plaque signs, large advertising Display, outdoor printing, small ones, such as :name card , gifts, medals, badges, chest cards, etc. can be applied widely.

2.Fashion applications.Fashion home decor. Glass sliding door,bathroom doors, partitions, ceiling, tiles and other art. Personalized home decoration market quietly rising.UV flatbed printer can print on all these material with vivid color, which will not easily fade,also can be customize the printing image.UV printing has become a strong trend of the new era Home Furnishing decoration.

3.Leather printing. By using UV soft ink, The UV flatbed printer can print on leather, even bending , the color will not effect, strongly adhesive on the surface.application on leather bag,leather case,cosmetic bag, handbag,key bag,and so on.

4.Phone cell: every one now use phone cell, so print with wonderful image on the phone sell is one of the application of UV flatbed printer, with high resolution, the printing job on the surface of phone cell is excellent.via software , the UV flatbed printer can easily print different picture,satisfy the demand of personalized phone cell.

6.Application of art.The art of ceramic printing, photo studio art, painting, art printing paper, shell, crystal, wooden, bamboo crafts,all these art can be realized by UV flatbed printer,with LED lamp,the UV ink dried immediately,stick on the surface of material, free of scratching and water proof. UV printing have became a new choice for the art industry.


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