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Analysis of three misunderstandings of inkjet printing

Printing market competition intensified, the fierce competition in the industry as much as internet,All equipment dealers or materials companies in an effort to reduce costs, to gain market advantage.Especially consumables market, with many brands, competition has become disorder, blindly reduce costs, to bring a lot of quality risks.At the beginning of 90s introduced the printer to the outdoor advertising industry has brought a historic revolution,the revolutionary power from various consumable supplies innovation,imagine if the printing machine is still in use the original factory consumables,outdoor advertising industry can flourish today? However, after "disorderly competition", "quality" has become an empty talk, and there are also many misunderstandings in the industry, so it is urgent to get out of the wrong area.

Early in the indoor production, HP, NovaJet hot foaming type, Mutoh, Mimaki, Roland micro piezoelectric as a representative.although piezoelectric micro models can be used in outdoor pigment ink, but because of the high cost, complex production process, and only suitable for the production of small printing, so in outdoor production dominated by large printing machine, the reason is mainly from the material constraints, outdoor water-based material is not enough, can not meet the needs of outdoor production.However, with the gradual popularization of micro piezoelectric type, using oil-based ink print on coated banner, and thus the micro piezoelectric machine oil path gradually clear up, a small printer house also have a good solution.

In the micro piezoelectric models on the implementation of solvent solution mainly have the following characteristics.

Low cost: the production cost of solvent ink is far lower than that of any water-based PIGMENT ink on the market.

High precision: still maintain the characteristics of the original printing machine precision.

Extensive supplies: the solvent ink is suitable for various light cloth and PVC banner and some special materials.

Misunderstanding one: solvent ink

For the solvent printing machine, the early use of Japan's original or Taiwan water ink, due to the micro piezoelectric technology optional consumables wide, so that the solvent ink solution become possible.A recent period of time, companies have launched solvent ink, some manufacturers with poor quality, even strong corrosion only to get profit, its behavior is very bad, and some machines have distributors to lie for their machine for sales, to deceive clients, causing some misunderstanding to the user.

The micro piezo technology is manufactured by Japan Epson company, its technology is developed based on the neutral ink, so the acid alkaline ink will not apply to this technique nozzle, anything beyond this range will block print head, the development of solvent ink, each procedure must be strictly tested, and at present, the domestic technology is still unable to master, the current ink market is chaotic, please look for the authentic solvent ink, so as not to be deceived.

The piezoelectric micro printer mainly is made in Japan, other manufacturing basic use low cost PVC materials, including the stability of the vacuum pump which is very important to printer, pumping ink pad (STATION), and part of the pipeline, any solvent ink is corrosive to the PVC material. The stability of the machine will be subject to significant influence, some machine dealers will replace part of the machine material into metal, but because the manufacturing precision, is always unsatisfactory, so the machine has poor stability (such as machine automatic pumping ink to the manual with a needle for pumping ink, damage nozzle), high scrap rate, increase the production cost.

Misunderstanding two: head block rate

Because the ink can use neutral ink, do not react with any material, so the ink must be attached to a coating of water base PIGMENT ink, to prolong the time and improve the waterproof performance of outdoor weathering, adding UV in the ink composition (UV).So when the UV component is too high, will produce a plug phenomenon, because of water base PIGMENT ink must cover the anti ultraviolet film to ensure the outdoor weathering time, so the composition of UV ink must be in a certain proportion, or the head block can not be avoided. The ink in the waterproof performance, without any protective measures, outdoor weathering within eight months, it is not easy to block, otherwise must be painted with uv. Therefore, the solvent ink can only reduce the UV composition to reduce the head block rate.

Misunderstanding three: weather resistance

weather resistance has an important relationship with the ink, the influence factors are: whether the material surface coated, ultraviolet radiation (UV light irradiation test error is too large, the results can not be trusted), rainfall amount, pH.In the same kind of ink, UV, the same rainfall condition, the largest influence of weathering is selection of materials, because of the different materials of ink suction, alkali resistant surface are different, thus affecting the ink on the material holding time, surface coating applied in coating banner for ink absorption. The coating with anti UV, acid and alkali resistance, and weathering performance can be greatly improved.

still need to remind users of weather resistance and sunshine time (UV) relationship, because the outdoor billboards area different, by ultraviolet irradiation at different times, so to identify outdoor weathering time must be more than 6 hours of outdoor sunshine, some users to determine weather resistance by UV irradiation is wrong, because ultraviolet light irradiation is great differences from outdoor sunshine, only through outdoor sunshine and rain test results will be reliable.


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