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Advantage of UV flatbed printer

We all know about UV flatbed printer, it is not something new, but still there have many printing-business man not know much about it, so why we need a UV printer ? what is the advantage?

1, Personalized customization: can print characters photos, images and other patterns, without restrictions. no plate, effective printing and low cost, available a variety of output software to support a variety of file formats.

2,3D embossed effect: pattern visual appearance of three-dimensional effect, touching surface have uneven feeling, improve the added value. now people have not satisfied a single plane pattern effect, people need for relief, three-dimensional visual and tactile enjoyment, so as to different trendy fashion, uv flatbed printer with a new generation of printing technology can achieve this requirement.

3, Material is not restricted: Piezoelectric inkjet printer, not touch the material surface, can print a variety of items, such as: glass, wood, metal, cloth, leather, ceramic tile,etc.

4,Vivid color. UV flatbed printer products can be waterproof, strong adhesion, bright colors, realistic effect, no color difference, no mixed color waste,color / gradation is obvious.

UV flatbed printer is ideal for color printing that requires color transition. For example, silk screen, almost impossible to achieve all color transition according to the picture, so the effect of silk screen printing of the color boundaries is clearly seen, in the middle of the two colors, it is difficult to reflect the color transition according to the image itself.

5,simple operation: computer control equipment, after software set up ,it will automation print, saving artificial.just few hours can handle the operation. The cost of printing is low, and the cost per square meter of UV flatbed printer is about $1.5, which is lower than that of traditional printing.

6,no quantitative limit: small quantities can be printed. Perfect patterns can be displayed at one time, which can help users develop new business and greatly improve work efficiency. And the printing position is accurate, thereby avoiding the problem of position offset encountered by hand printing.


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